Is the Academy an institute/centre conducting research?

The Academy will provide infrastructure, connections and regulatory support to researchers and existing research entities at the Faculty of Medicine. Think of the Academy as a road construction crew that smoothens the road for researchers and research entities to drive on toward clinical application of their research innovations.

Does the Academy compete with existing research entities for funding?

Since the Academy is not a research institute or centre, it will not compete for research funding. On the contrary, the Academy aims to support and strengthen grant applications for existing research entities by providing access to additional technology and expertise and facilitating connections to form cross-sector investigative teams. The Academy itself will be supported by multi-source funding, including from private donors, industry and government.

Does the Academy house Faculty appointments?

The Academy cannot hold Faculty appointments as it is not a Department or School. Instead, the Academy will actively work to create additional faculty positions in translational medicine in existing research entities at UBC, and support these positions in their fundraising efforts, access to technology, and industry and regulatory infrastructure. The Academy will engage the new translational medicine faculty as members of the Academy community and its cross-disciplinary network.

Does the Academy create extra layers of bureaucracy for engagement with industry?

The Academy is creating an industry liaison advisory council to facilitate early partnerships with industry, thus generating an innovative and nimble interface between faculty at UBC and industry partners.

Does the Academy assist with regulatory approval for innovations?

The Academy has created a regulatory advisory council, which will advise on the appropriate developmental and regulatory path for new discoveries and facilitate early partnerships. The Academy will not assist with generating regulatory documents, e.g. CTA/IND applications.