BioInnovation Scientist Program for Early-Career Researchers

The adMare Academy builds talent by training highly-qualified personnel—from undergrads to industry executives—who will drive the growth of the Canadian life sciences industry. Our ultimate goal? To ensure that you have the knowledge, skills, and network to start or grow your career in the Canadian life sciences sector, and that Canadian companies have the talent they need to succeed today and in the future.

Establishment of the ATM Education Advisory Council

The creation of the Academy of Translational Medicine (ATM) Education Advisory Council is a vital milestone to implementing the ATM’s education platform to support BC and Canada’s translational medicine ecosystem.

Making Organ Transplants Safer

Dr. Megan Levings and her team are training the immune system to tolerate invaders. Their work could reduce the need for immunosuppressive drugs — and vastly improve patients’ quality of life.

SBME Capstone Industry Projects

For the biomedical engineering students at UBC, their final graduating requirement is the completion of the BMEG 457 Capstone Design Project. The eight-month capstone project features teams of four to five students and is client-focused (i.e. the organizations sponsor the projects). Capstone projects rise from real-world data, challenges and advancements. The goal may not be a refined solution to a presented problem, but identifying a viable path to follow. Submission for Capstone Industry Projects is open June 1 - July 25, 2022