ATM Member Interviewed for Spotlight on Female Leaders

ATM Member Dr. Kelly Brown was recently interviewed in ‘Centre for Blood Research Spotlights Female Leaders for #WomenInScience 2024

The article was written to highlight February 11th, which is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The other female leaders in The Centre for Blood Research community who were highlighted alongside Dr. Brown include Dr. Agnes Lee, Dr. Hayley Merkeley, Dr. Hélène Côté, Dr. Karen Cheung, and Dr. Natalie Strynadka. As stated by The Centre for Blood Research (CBR), “The CBR is proud to have dedicated, passionate, and driven female leaders that students, trainees, and staff can learn from”.

In this interview, Dr. Kelly Brown discusses her research, her biggest accomplishment, and whether she faced any challenges in STEM as a female. Dr. Brown also mentions how she came to consider herself a translational researcher, and how her research uses a bench-to-beside approach.

Research in my laboratory is done in partnership with clinicians, patients, and advocates towards a common goal of providing the best evidence-based care for children with vasculitis and other rheumatic diseases. My team uses a bedside-to-bench approach to discover and validate quantifiable biomarkers that can aid with diagnosis and treatment decisions for affected children. Our initiative on childhood-onset vasculitis was supported by a multi-year CIHR grant that enabled the largest collection of data and samples from (> 400) children with vasculitis – which is remarkable given that there are only 1-2 new diagnosed cases per year in BC!

Congratulations to Dr. Brown for her feature. Read her answers and the full article here.

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