FoM TM Rounds

Next Session – June 6th

Personalised Medicine in Rare Diseases: A Paradigm Shift in Clinical Research?

Dr. Burdach is the inaugural ATM Visiting Professor to the University of British Columbia. Dr. Burdach is visiting March – June, 2022 Technical University of Munich. In acknowledging Dr. Burdach as a pioneer of translational medicine even before this term was coined, we are proud to welcome Dr. Burdach as our speaker for the June TM Rounds, where he will expand upon his experiences and career in translational medicine, and discuss topics ranging from the opportunity of letting rare diseases pave the path to precision medicine and novel study designs, the (un)fulfilled promises of high throughput technology based target therapies, and the use of new techniques to detect resistance to targeted therapies.

Past Sessions

Mental Health in Academia: Surviving Failure

Failures in academia, and the detrimental effect they can have on mental health, are often overlooked and disregarded. In this insightful interactive panel discussion, Dr. Emily Troscianko and Dr. Wendy Marie Ingram will break down the stigma around failures and will shed light on ways to move forward while effectively managing stress and anxiety.

The Faculty of Medicine Translational Medicine Rounds (FoM TM Rounds) are hosted for junior faculty members conducting translational research as well as their colleagues. The rounds serve to form the foundation of the new ATM  community and provide a forum where early-career interdisciplinary researchers:

  • present ongoing projects,
  • get feedback from the local community,
  • learn about ongoing research, and
  • connect with academic and clinical faculty in other disciplines.

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